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Are There Restrictions on What We Can Bring Aboard? (1158 hits)

Ticket Contract: Page 44. (a) Each fully paid adult guest will be allowed an unlimited amount of baggage free of charge. Baggage means only trunks, valises, satchels, bags, hangers and bundles with their contents consisting of only such wearing apparel, toilet articles and similar personal effects as are necessary and appropriate for the purpose of the journey.

X-Ray Security Machines for security purposes, carnival limits the size of hand-carry luggage to 24"X 16", which is the dimension of the opening of the X-ray security machine (similarto those used at the airport); there is no measurement for length as the hand-carry luggage will lay flat on the conveyer belt. Luggage larger than 24"X 16" will not be permitted through the security machine and must be checked-in with a curbside porter.

Safety Precautions due to "Safety Precautions", the following items are not permitted onboard:
Heating Pads

No Weapons Policy: Due to our "No Weapons Policy" and heightened security, guests are not permitted to bring on board:
Firearms or weapons of any kind
Pepper spray and mace

To view a complete list of prohibited items, go to:

Safety Concerns: Due to "Safety Concerns", the following items cannot be utilized on board nor are permitted on board:
Scooters (unless medically necessary)
Scuba Tanks (empty or full)

Due to "Safety Concerns", the following items cannot be utilized on board but may be brought on board for use in port, only:
Roller Blades/Skates
Snorkel Gear
Golf Clubs
Fishing Rods (packed)
Tennis Rackets
Kites (packed)

Miscellaneous Concerns

Scuba Gear Diving Knives: Diving knives are permitted on board. Due to security reasons, the knife will be confiscated by Shoreside Security at embarkation and turned over to the ship's Chief Security Officer. The guest will sign for the knife for diving excursions and return it to the Chief Security Officer upon returning to the ship. At the end of the cruise, the knife is returned to the guest in the cruise ship terminal.

Household Goods or Tools of Trade - These items cannot be brought on board.

Ham Radios: Due to security reasons and the possible interference with the ship's communications, ham radios are not permitted on board.

Live Animals: No guest is permitted to bring on board live animals other than qualified service animals. Permission to bring a service animal must be approved by Guest Access Services at time of booking.

Musical Instruments:For the comfort of all our guests, musical instruments can only be brought on board if the guest is performing and this performance has been pre-approved by the Group Department.

Radios/Boom Boxes: For the comfort of all our guests, radios and boom boxes can be used with headphones or ear pieces when used in public areas.

Floatation Devices: For the comfort of all our guests, rafts, tubes and floatation devices other than those used as life-preservers (water wings) cannot be used in the swimming pools on board.

Metal Detectors: Guests are not permitted to use metal detectors on board because anything found on board would "belong" to Carnival Cruise Lines. We would then try to return the item to the guest.

Wrapped Gifts: Guests may bring wrapped gifts on board; however, due to heightened security, the gift may have to be unwrapped, upon request.

VCRs/Nintendo/Play Units: These items cannot be utilized on board because of the incompatibility of the units with the stateroom televisions.

Fish Caught on Fishing Expeditions: The fish cannot be brought on board; it must be shipped home.
Posted By: Reginald Culpepper
Thursday, April 30th 2009 at 4:48PM
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